Our commitment

We Take On Responsibility

Responsibility is one of our core guiding principles and plays a key role in shaping our culture. We embrace it not only in the context of our daily work but also in recognizing our corporate social responsibility. Together we have already accomplished quite a bit!

Our corporate principles and our Code of Conduct form the basis for respectful interaction with each other and with our customers and the public.

Our Focus

Our commitment focuses on four areas that are aligned with our mission statement and corporate goals.

 Education & Training

The development of people is one of our main consulting focal points. That is why we are committed to sharing our knowledge. We are always on the lookout for volunteer projects and have posted our profile on the pro bono platform Consulting4good.

 Social Commitment

Our social commitment means offsetting the disadvantaged! Both targeted donations and long-term partnerships with aid organizations may be useful in this context. To make it easier for our employees to help, we give them time. Whether for a “Social Day” or “GROW time”.


Conserve Resources?—Absolutely, but how do we do it sustainably? Our employees look closely at whether we are greenwashing or taking the issue seriously. Their critical eyes are our benchmark. This is why it is important to:
2. REDUCE and if all else fails,

 ‌‌Supporting Humanity

Sustainability also applies to the way we treat people. This view is fundamental to our approach to consulting. So we asked ourselves, how can we go beyond this to support and assist others in difficult circumstances? The outcome of our projects brings joy to both us and those who benefit from them.

Our CSR Vision

It is in the DNA of the PAWLIK Group (PINKTUM has been part of the PAWLIK Group since 2018) that we see ourselves as individuals with a responsibility to our environment. We therefore take the opportunity to pool the ideas and strengths of our colleagues for a commitment that goes beyond our consulting activities. Sustainability concerns us all.

It is important to us that CSR is at the heart of the company and is practiced and developed by our employees. Each year, we form new teams to shape our vision of CSR, plan and implement projects, and raise awareness within the company. The beautiful effect is that employees from different areas and businesses connect and can contribute to something important for other people and the environment, even with small actions.

Close To Our Heart

Why the topic of CSR is close to our hearts…

Quotes from our employees:
… because we are part of this world and our society
… because it is right thing to do and is important
… because we are romantic and believe in the future
… because we are always shaping today while thinking about tomorrow
… because we want to be better than the theoretical
… because we can give a lot and make a lot possible
… because we want to be a role model
… because we ourselves grow when we shape the future

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Purpose “People grow with us to shape the future” applies to all people—regardless of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities or gender identity.

That’s why it’s part of our social responsibility to include everyone. To that end, we work with trusted partners who understand the needs of their communities.

We regularly post our vacancies on the MyAbility.org platform and are happy to exchange information with this expert consultancy.


Projects: e.g., increasing the percentage of women in the 1st and 2nd management levels, expansion of inclusive recruiting through our partner myAbility, and Equal Pay project with HR.

Our Partner

Sharing Is Caring

Do you have questions, ideas or comments about CSR? Yvonne Kahl, Director CSR, is happy to help.

Yvonne Kahl, Director CSR