How we grow

People grow with us to shape the future.

This applies not only to our customers but also to our own employees. Their personal and professional development is something we take very seriously.

People Development

As experts in digital further development, it is also essential to our internal operations. We want to get to know you and your potential. That’s why every employee completes our scan potential analysis as part of the application process. Based on this, we identify your personal strengths, areas for development and potential that we can work on together. For us, continuous feedback from both sides is as much a part of personal development as individual training opportunities. As part of our in-house academy, we enable you to develop your skills and thus realize your potential.

Inhouse Academy

At our in-house academy, top international instructors provide training for our employees. In addition to the content, the focus is on learning together, getting to know colleagues from other departments and locations, sharing ideas and having fun. All of this broadens your personal horizons, which benefits you both professionally and personally. Training is always current and ranges from trend topics to methodological skills and soft skills training such as stress and self-management. Of course, we also offer the opportunity to be licensed internally in various training formats.


The Academy+ is our additional offer to the already existing PAWLIK Group Academy. It represents a holistic training program that is not only focused on one’s current job, function or area of responsibility.
The Academy+ sees our employees as people and develops their personalities. We want to prepare our employees for the world of tomorrow by deliberately stepping out of their comfort zones to experience and learn new things together.
Academy+ is an opportunity to think outside the box, because we believe that conquering the World begins in one’s mind, and we can all do more than we are currently doing.

A small selection of our Academy+ modules in 2023

Get out of the daily grind—unplugged. Outside. Just you and your thoughts. In this module, participants discover how mindset can elevate one’s performance to a new level, how effective performance management leads to impressive results and how to learn to embrace obstacles as challenges.

Participants will be immersed in the world of artificial intelligence, which will be a central component of our economy, science and society in the future. At a time when stagnation and the familiar status quo are no longer an option, participants open themselves up to new possibilities, new technologies, new ways of thinking and new approaches to sharpen their awareness of the future.

In this module, participants learn to communicate in a targeted manner using the right language and mastering challenging situations from their inner strength. The focus is on deepening psychological models and applying them to everyday life in order to develop one’s own skills and better understand people.

The cosmopolitans go on an exciting journey together and get answers to all the questions they always wanted to know about China, Arabic culture and Europe. The goal is to get away from media topics and get in touch with culinary arts and experience cultural diversity up close—for example, at the Chinese tea house in Hamburg or the Arabic Institute in Berlin.

Grow with us

  • Every 2 years we give you 10 days of GROW time, which you can use for your own personal growth. Whether it’s continuing your education or volunteering with an education or sustainability project, we’re excited to see you grow.
  • Do you want to take an extended break? We are happy to offer you the opportunity to take a sabbatical.
  • Still not satisfied with your change of scenery? We will find a solution for your individual needs.


The Next Generation Program is our leadership development program with participants from the entire PAWLIK Group, which lasts for 2 years and includes various modules.
With “NextGen” we want to create the next group of new leaders.
In addition to the personal development of leadership skills, the participants play a decisive role in shaping the future of the PAWLIK Group and lay important foundations for the path of PINKTUM, PAWLIK Consultants and other subsidiaries. Whether culture, digitalization or data—we want to be prepared for what awaits us as a company and as people in the future. For this, we need talent with great vision. Maybe you’ll soon be one of them?

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