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We love e-training courses! Our momentum is innovative learning experiences that engage the world. Our award-winning e-learning course library is our beating heart, making us the leading provider of digital corporate training.

Our vision

We inspire people worldwide with our outstanding and innovative digital learning experiences for lasting employee development. To achieve this, we focus on the uniqueness of our learners

Passion and expertise

Our team has spent the last 10 years going the extra mile to provide you with a superior digital training experience. We have doubled our team this year and are proud to continue the Pink success story with over 150 great people.


As part of the Sales department, we focus on selling our products. We are responsible for identifying potential customers, conducting sales calls, processing orders and maintaining customer relationships.

Our customers come from various industries, such as retail, financial services, insurance, healthcare and many more. We work with companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to large multinationals.

There are a variety of roles in our department, from the initial contact with a customer by our digital learning consultants to the support of our acquired customers by the existing customer team. Our day-to-day activities include contacting prospects, creating proposals, conducting web meetings (digital client meetings), and collaborating with other departments such as marketing, the existing client team, etc.

As a team, we excel in our collaboration, communication and shared passion for sales success. Since many of us work remotely, we maintain team cohesion through regular virtual meetings, as well as joint projects and team-building activities such as “Make It Happen” days, where we all meet regularly at the office and help each other overcome challenges and then celebrate our success together.

We have many ideas for our future. We are initially looking to increase our team size. We want to continue to grow in our field, develop new sales strategies, expand our customer base and, of course, continue to optimize the sales process to become even more efficient.


Welcome to the Production department, where ideas are turned into first-class e-training courses. Here you’ll get to know our different teams who work hard every day to create the best learning content. Each department brings its unique talents and expertise to create e-trainings that deliver knowledge in an exciting and memorable way. Here’s a little peek behind the scenes:

Everything starts in the Editing & Didactics department. Our talented team of editors and didactic experts write scripts for the videos and design the interactive learning elements. They develop the structure and content of our courses, with the goal of making learning lively, relevant and effective.


As soon as the content is ready, the Producing & Translations department comes into play. The professionals on our producing team breathe life into the script by creating captivating videos. In our in-house studio, we shoot moderated voiceover scenes that explain learning content, as well as hands-on game scenes in which professional actors act out real-world problems and scenarios. At the same time, our translation team works to translate the content into different languages—and not just literally! They ensure that the content is culturally sensitive and localized so that learners around the world experience the same high level of quality.


The Media Production department is responsible for another important step. The Motion Design team creates educational animated explanatory films and handles all graphic overlays and animations in the videos. This process transforms complex concepts into easy-to-understand visual content. Meanwhile, the Instructional Design team works on implementing the interactive learning elements and accompanying materials. They ensure that the learning process is interactive, engaging and state of the art.


In the end, all of this work comes together to create a world-class e-training experience that everyone has contributed to. It’s a great feeling every time! Our team of creative professionals is proud to be a part of this process and we look forward to guiding learners on their learning journey.

AI & Data

In the AI & Data department, we use technology and artificial intelligence to develop product components and processes that support sustainable learner success and the design of individual learning paths.

We use AI and data analytics in the process to enable adaptive learning. This means that our system learns to adapt educational content based on individual progress, usage patterns and learner needs.


In the field, we have product and project managers as well as highly technical roles such as software developers, machine learning and data experts such as data scientists and data engineers, and frontend/backend experts. Our team is multidisciplinary, curious and passionate about technology-related topics. We strongly believe that education can be transformed through technology, and we are currently working together in a startup-like atmosphere within an established company to achieve this goal.


Our day-to-day consists of collecting and analyzing data, training AI models, and actually programming AI applications to integrate into Pinktum World.  In addition, our research is focused on other areas of deep technology, including language models and technologies that will help learners in the future by providing adaptive and personalized learning paths to maximize their learning success and deliver other digital learning experiences.


We want to make our technological contribution in a holistic approach that integrates seamlessly into people’s daily lives and enables them to learn continuously and digitally. Our vision is to develop a system that knows learners so well that it delivers them exactly the right content at the right time.

Our Leadership Team

Joachim Pawlik,

Christine Rave,

Philipp Mertens,

Wolf-Betram von Bismarck,
Managing Director

Alois Krtil,

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